Sewage Systems

Owned by Nyama Problem Eood, we are proud to recommend our fully established Building company. Large and small projects. From Renovations to New Build properties. All work is insured, daily multimedia records of work done. Complete Passport with plans. Our sewage system conforms with all EU standards. How do they work?
Sewage Solutions info
The solids go from the property into the tank, the solids then fall into the lower section where bacteria build. With aid of in coming water from the property which can include toilets, sinks, showers and baths the solids are broken down into small particles. This broken-down solution lets the treatment tank and passes a holding tank again where the very small solids fall to the bottom. This leaves the almost clean water to be released into the subsoil of the garden.
These tanks have a service lid that can be extended in height to match the surrounding terrain. 

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